Volume 1 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-May (2018) Article No : 105
Collado CR, Hernandez RJ, Eliosa AGA, et al.

The Hymenoptera constitute an insect order in which they are included wasps (superfamily Vespideae), bees (superfamily) Apoideae) and ants (superfamily Formicidae). Hymenoptera stings can become a serious allergic reaction, fast instauration and potentially deadly. The ants are an subestimated source of hypersensitivity reactions in Mexico, being the most associated species Solenopsis Geminata (Tropical Fire Ant), Pogonomyrmex (Harvester ant) and Camponatus (Carpenter Ant). Being Immunotherapy the only effective preventive treatment in future exposures. We present a case of anaphylaxis secondary to the tropical fire ant sting in a field worker from the state of Guerrero, its diagnostic protocol and sustained success by an individualized protocol of Subcutaneous Immunotherapy with Whole Body Extract (WBE). Future research is needed on the ant biodiversity, its allergenic components in the venom and future reports and standardization with the use of immunotherapy being this the first case of immunotherapy in Tropical Fire Ant (Solenopsis Geminata).

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