Volume 3 ; Issue 1 ; in Month : Jan-June (2020) Article No : 118
Azmi MI, Amir AF, Lim EH, et al.

Mucoceles are benign, expansile and encapsulated mass within a paranasal sinus. It is mostly found in the frontal sinus and less commonly in the posterior ethmoid and sphenoid sinus. We reported a case of 61-year-old lady with recurrent right posterior ethmoid mucocele with sphenoid sinus extension after 3-month from first endoscopic sinus surgery for removal of mucocele. Computed tomography scan showed larger right posterior ethmoid mucocele with sinus expansion and erosion of right lamina papyrecea. Second endoscopic sinus surgery was performed and symptoms of patient relieved. Mucocele of paranasal sinuses can cause various complications and can be removed surgically. Take note of recurrence and regular follow up must be done.

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