Volume 6 ; Issue 2 ; in Month : Jul-Dec (2023) Article No : 130
Obeid A, Abboud W, Sayida S

Amyand hernia is a rare form of hernia which is defined by an inguinal hernia containing the appendix. The appendix may or may not be inflamed and in some cases may be incarcerated. Another type of hernia is Richter hernia which occurs when only a portion of the circumference of the bowel is entrapped within a hernia sac. Although having a hernia is one of the most common encounters seen in the surgical field, having the combination of Amyand’s and Richter’s hernia is rarely encountered. We report the rare finding of both types of hernia as well as the finding of a lymph node within the hernial sac in an asymptomatic patient who was presented to the outpatient clinic for routine check-up.

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